Aries Sun sign Born between 14 April till 13 may ( Vedic astrology)

So those who are born between 14 april to 13 may, there sun is exalted in the Aries sign. So there sun sign is Aries. Aries sign is controlled by Mars. In vedic astrology Mars is a Soldier. So those born in Aries sign have quality of mars. Sun represent our soul, when sun is exalted without any malefic influence, generally, these people have pure soul with pure heartedness.

Strengths – These people are energetic, courageous, confident, ambitious, optimistic, passionate, have strong will power, leadership quality, take challenges in positive ways and overcome them. These people are good initiator.

Weakness- short tempered, impatience, good beginner but not good finisher.

But Not all Aries sun sign behave same or cannot have same quality because they have different nakshetra. In Ancient time, astrologer more believed on Nakshetra than sign.

14 April till 27 April Ashwani Nakshetra ( Aries Sun sign)

People born between 14 April till 27 April have sun in Ashwani nakshetra in vedic astrology. Sun is in deep exaltation @ 10 degree Aries where it occurs in the Ashwani Nakshetra. Nakshetra are constellation in the signs.
Symbol of Ashwani nakshetra = Horse head
Deity=Ashwani Kumar
These people have great ability to finish there task in quickest way possible. As our Guru Dr Arjun Pia said that Ashwani native are known for their speed in their action. They are great beginner but not great finisher. But still they have ability to reach to their objective at quickest with great speed. They are extremely intelligent. So they are pretty much inclined towards taking action and initiative for their task and quickly reach to the final stage of their task. But in the end, they feel bored and want to start something new. They are pioneer and youthful. They have great hearing ability and implement well.

Profession suitable for Ashwani Native
They can be great physician, surgeon, healer and astrologer, Aviator, Car Speed, Transport business.
In the next post i will discuss Bharni ( 27April till 10 May) and Kritika ( 11may till 24th May) Nakshetra of Aries Sun sign

Om Namah Shivaye

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