Exalted Jupiter in Astrology ( Jupiter in Cancer)

Jupiter is the largest planet and its main trait is expansion. Jupiter represent higher learning, long distance travel, hopes, teacher optimism, Children, luck , knowledge( Spiritual , Religious and philosophical) etc. Jupiter also signify our moral values and belief system. Jupiter rules two zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pieces.

Jupiter signifies expansion, where ever exalted jupiter sits, it will expend the results regarding that house and the houses where it aspect. Jupiter aspect 1st, 5th and 9th house from whichever house it occupy in your birth chart. In fact Jupiter aspect is considered most benefic. than any other planet.

Jupiter is exalted in the sign of cancer. It is considered the best place for Jupiter where Jupiter is in its highest dignity. Jupiter is the karka of 2nd house( House represents our savings, family value and asserts), 5th house( House represents children, education and uncertain gains like share market politics etc), 9th house( House of fortune, higher educations, traveling etc) and 11th house( Social and financial gains). In some extent Jupiter is also along with Venus karka for 7th house because marriage ceremony or any ceremony would not be possible without Jupiter. So when Karka for these houses is strong, it gives very good results for all round happiness of a person in his life. People with exalted Jupiter have good moral values, religious minded, noble and fortunate people. But we need to consider the placement of Moon because Jupiter is in moon ( cancer) house. If moon is well placed, good results will certainly get, however, if moon is weak, Jupiter may not be very strong. If Jupiter is exalted with no malefic aspect, it gives all around prosperity to a person at beginning or from age 16th year of age. A person with exalted Jupiter generally settled in life quite early in life or on time. Exalted Jupiter in ascendant makes a person very good personality and good for fame, Children, marriage good education etc. In 2nd house it gives good relation with family and good asserts and moral values a person inherent from their family. People with 2nd house exalted Jupiter can deliver powerful speech. In 3rd house, it gives good courage, good for younger siblings and husband and financial gains. In 4th house, it gives all comforts, property. In 6th house, it gives luck in competition, good for career. In 7th house gives religious spouse and luck favor after marriage, In the 8th house, it gives good inheritance or unearned money. In 9th house, it gives good luck with high intelligence. In 10th house, it gives authority and high rank in career. In 11th house, it gives good financial gains and good for children. In 12th house, it expend the expenses, but good luck in Foreign.

So we need to check the condition of depositor in which sign Jupiter is sitting. Then we need to see the degree wise capability of Jupiter. Then what planets aspecting or sitting with Jupiter to determine the true results of Jupiter. Also Exalted Jupiter gives very good results in its dasha, antradasha. Jupiter is strong in kendra and trikon. But in labh bhav ( 2nd, 11th), it is good for financial gains.

Profession good for people with exalted Jupiter are Teacher, Professor, High rank in Air force ( because Jupiter signifies travel), travel and tour profession, Law, Politics, consultancy, Astrology, Education institutes and Management, Priest etc.

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