Exalted VENUS( Venus in Pisces) IN ASTROLOGY

Venus represent love, beauty, harmony, comfort, pleasure, our senses like smell, touch etc. Venus is also called Danav Gugu because Venus make us indulge in pleasure. Venus is second nearest planet near to Sun after mercury. Venus rules two Zodiac signs Taurus and Libra.Venus also signify the pleasure we drive from our possessions like money, Finance, Fine food & dining, beautiful home, expensive cars, Jewelry, beautiful clothes etc.

Venus get exalted in the sign of Pieces .Why Venus get exalted in Pieces because Pieces sign is watery sign and has no boundaries. This is what a true love should be unconditional and with no boundaries. People with exalted Venus generally love everybody and unconditionally. They donot see boundaries in love.
Venus is friendly to Saturn and Mercury, neutral to mars and Jupiter, enemy to Sun and Moon. Saturn is yogkarka( most benefic) planet for Taurus and Libra ascendants

If Venus is exalted with no malefic influence on venus, it can signify good marriage life or good marital relationship with partner. Venus signify wife in man’s chart. So strong placement of venus shows good wife and marital bliss. People with exalted venus are true lover. They donot attach too much with others. They expect least in relationships. That is why they are happy and donot complain about their partner. These people have ability to seek love outside their confined family. In other words, these people are well wishers of others too apart from their own family. Their worry level in terms of relationship in very lessen. They are generally happy people with pleasing personality. Unless their is no malefic influence on venus. These people with exalted venus appreciate love, beauty or any other artistic creative talent. They love music, art etc.

A strong and well placed exalted Venus can give you worldly pleasure, vehicles, beauty, good marital life, ability to appreciate beauty and artistic talent, high digestion, peace of mind etc. People with strong Venus love using perfume. However, excessive influence of Venus will cause you seek so much pleasure without real accomplishments.

Exalted venus in kendra ( 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) is very strong. It makes ” Malavaya Yog “. People with malavya yog are very rich and affluent. Even if they are born poor, they eventually reach to the top level. Exalted venus in 2nd and 11th house can makes person rich with easy material gains in life. Such People donot need to work very hard to get gains. With little efforts they can have huge gains. In 11th house gains comes but after the age of 32 because upachya houses grows better with time.venus placement always consider good in 12th house. Such people spend money on luxury items. In 5th house it can give artistic talent. In 9th house of luck, it gives good luck.

Profession related to Venus- Textile industry, theater, cinema, clothing business, tourism, hotel industry, Restaurants, Painter, Female related item like cosmetic shop, beauty parlor, dance, Jeweler, veterinary doctor, Income tax, Banking, actor, actress.
Remedies to improve your Venus- Respect your Wife, partner and females. Use perfume everyday. Worship Goddess Lakshmi ji.

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