What is Jyotish, why we need jyotish and when to consult Jyotishi

Jyotish is a vedic science. “Jyotish” means light. A jyotishi can throw light into someone’s future, personality. A good jyotishi can guide you, direct you in the right path especially when someone is confused, feeling lost not sure what to choose. A  jyotishi can assist you in choosing the righteous path in your life.

Sometime, we all have misconception about ourselves. . for example- if some one has ego problem and we confirm it through their chart, but they blame their partner for bad relationship. So such doubts can be clarify easily through jyotish.

Why we Need Astrology

Jyotish is not only method of telling someone future. It is a spiritual science where people can realize the truth. A good jyotishi can differentiate between right and wrong. Jyotish can clarify our doubts so wonderfully. An expert Jyotishi will also tell you things you need to improve. I will clarify in my examples why we need to consult with  jyotishi.

Example 1- ( Marriage & Ego)
if someone come to jyotoshi and ask why i need to compromise in my marraige especially if it hurts their ego. A good jyotishi can explain that in jyotish marriage house is also the house of compromise and negotiation. No marriage can succeed without any compromise or neogotiation. So astrologically, 1st house is yourself and your ego, however, 7th house is the house of marriage, other people relationship,business . they( 1st and 7th) are opposite house in astrology . So a good jyotishi can tell for marriage, business and relationship one should put their ego aside, if they want their marriage or business to work. although one house signify one thing like 7th marriage and 1st house you. they are opposite but supporting each other too.

Example 2 ( career& home)
Someone came with question that they love being at home but their career is not very satisfactory. why is that ? 4th house is the house of home, comfort, happiness in astrology. 10th house is the house of career, reputation. but they are opposite too. meaning if someone wants success in career they have to leave their home or at least step outside home. Also career(10th house) one has to leave their comfort zone( 4th house).

Example 3 ( desire & promise)
If someone asks astrologer, is there any promise of children ? If for instance no promise. But there Kama( desire) houses (3rd, 7th, 11th) house are very strong. People can have children because there desire house is so strong. So If one has strong will power one can achieve things and alter their future. It is always saying that Karma house grows better with time and efforts. So even through astrologically one can achieve thinks which is not promise through will power and efforts.

We need jyotish to maintain a balance in our life. it is not only way to predict one’s future. it is a science how to main equilibrium in our life
When to consult Astrologer

First when a new baby born, it is important to have his/her birth chart. it is to know the overall well being and know if there is any dosha and can treat early on with puja and shanti such as child born in “Gand mool” need shanti @28 day when this nakshatra come back.
second Jyotish consultancy needed when choosing subjects. If astrologer see good chance in sports or either creative ability, parents can spend time on improving such skills

Third when someone start their business and work or getting married.

As we all know ” Prevention is better than cure”. So usually people consult when they have worse situation. So it is advisable consult time to time to prevent any major trouble in life.

OM Namah Shivaya.