Mars in Capricorn ( Exalted Mars)

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Mars is exated in the sign of Capricorn and highest exaltation degree is 28 degree after this mars is in its mool trikon sign. Mars represent ambition, passion, determination, will to act, motivation, initiation, expressive anger. Mars gives a person a mechanical and technical skills. Mars also represent assertiveness and fearless nature. Mars nature is to fight and conquer. Mars energy motivate us to move ahead in life and handle conflict in life through bravery.
Sign of capricorn represent order, structure, work outside home meaning career. Sign of capricorn is control by saturn. Sign of Capricorn shows high rank, reputation etc.

So when mars comes in this sign, it shows very dignified mars energy. These people have good control on their anger. Although they are courageous and most law abiding people too. These people follow structure and order in life. These people are well organize. People with exalted mars are very hard working. Their actions are quite organize and control. These people takes orders and authority in most dignified ways and accomplish their task. These people gets success and high rank slowly but surely because Saturn is the karka of delay. And Mars is in saturn’s house. Also, mars results will also depend on saturns position. If saturn is well placed too, person will get very high rank for sure. However, if Saturn is debilitated or in enemy sign, A Person with exalted mars may not get very good results.

If exalted mars is in the 10th house, it is in the most prominent position, career wise it can take a person to the height of their career. Exalted mars in the 4th house shows good landed property or person can excel as real estate dealer, or builder etc. Exated Mars in 7th house can make a person good businessman. In the ascendant, it gives absolutely good personality and good health. So it also depend which house mars is situated too. Exalted mars does very well in Upachya houses ( 3rd, 6th, 10th, 11th).
Career related to Mars – Mars represent military, solider, Builder, engineer, Surgeon, Chef, police, Sports, Army comes under Mars . If you have strong mars, you can excel in any of these

People with exalted mars are Sachin tendulkar, Salman khan.

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