Mercury In Astrology

Mercury represent the qualities of intelligence, communication, humor and wit in a person.Mercury is smallest planet on our solar system but its nearest to sun. That is why its impact is so visible in people.Mercury rules two zodiac sings Gemini and Virgo. Mercury rules the north direction. Nakshetra rule by Mercury are Ashlesha, Jyestha and Rewati. Mercury Also represent Short distance travel and sibling, colleagues and relative in astrology.Mercury temperament is volatile and versatile.Mercury is associated with nervous system and brain.

Mercury get its directional strengths in the 1st house. Only mercury is the one planet in our astrology which is exalted in its own sign @ 15 degree Virgo. Mercury is debilitated in pieces @ 15 degree. Mercury is friendly to Sun, Venus and Rahu and Saturn. Neutral to Jupiter and mars.Mercury rule number 5 in astrology.Mercury is enemy to moon.

Generally, in short , How we express our thought is control by mercury.

A strong mercury in the kundli can make a person intelligent with good analytical and logical thinking. A well place mercury will give you wealth, good communication skills,business skills, good relationship with sibling, good education beautiful skin. A good placed mercury can give good behavior ability and speech. Strong mercury will also give good grasping power, quick thinking and mimicking skills.

Afflicted Mercury can give speech defect, nervous disorder, ulcer, diarrhea, restlessness.

work related to mercury -writer, mathematician, courier service, Journalism, IT sector,, salesman, astrology, accountant, editor, advertisement, news agency, broker etc. Is you have strong mercury in friendly sign it can excel in these profession.

Remedies for bad Mercury-although mercury is not generally bad. Only when it is conjunction or aspect by malefic, it donot give good result. Respect your sister, bua and daughter because mercury also represent sister, daughter and bua. If mercury is weak, take more green in eating because mercury symbolism green colour. Worship Maa Durga and Lord Ganesh.