Mercury In Virgo ( Exalted Mercury) Astrology

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Mercury represent the qualities of intelligence, communication, humor and wit in a person.Mercury is smallest planet on our solar system but its nearest to sun. That is why its impact is so visible in people.Mercury rules two zodiac sings Gemini and Virgo. Mercury rules the north direction. Nakshetra rule by Mercury are Ashlesha, Jyestha and Rewati. Mercury Also represent Short distance travel and sibling, colleagues and relative in astrology.Mercury temperament is volatile and versatile.Mercury is associated with nervous system and brain.Generally, in short , How we express our thought is control by mercury and our ideas also control by mercury.

Only mercury is the one planet in our astrology which is exalted in its own sign @ 15 degree Virgo. Between 5 degree to 25 degree Mercury is very strong in this sign.

Sign of virgo shows analytical, logical thinking, problem solving ability, ability to critically think and get perfection in the tasks. Virgo sign also represent detail orientations.
An exalted mercury in the kundli can make a person intelligent with good analytical and logical thinking. This placement of mercury will give you wealth, good communication skills,business skills, good relationship with sibling, good education beautiful skin. A good placed mercury can give good behavior ability and speech. Strong mercury will also give good grasping power, quick thinking and mimicking skills.

People with mercury in Virgo use powerful words to impress others. These people are very expert in communication.Then it depends in the house placement of Mercury to determine its results. If mercury is not sitting with malefic or aspecting by malefic, it gives very good results in the sign of Virgo.

work related to mercury – If you have exalted mercury, you can excel in these professions = Businessman, mathematician, courier service, Journalism, IT sector,, salesman, astrology, accountant, editor, advertisement, news agency, broker. Almost every successful and intellectual person have good mercury especially businessman.

If you want to get excellent results of mercury. Always think before you speak. Donot speak ill or malefic. Be careful in communication. Anyone speaking ill or speaking bad can inhibit mercury to gives good results. So Be Careful in communications in order to get good result from mercury. Worship Maa Durga and Lord Ganesh

Famous people with exalted mercury are our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modiji, Famous Entrepreneur Bill Gates, Warren Buffet etc.

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