Moon In Taurus ( Exalted Moon)

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Moon is exalted @ 3 degree in Taurus after this degree moon is in mool trikon sign of Taurus, still very powerful moon. Moon represent our emotions, mood, mother, convince, home etc. Sign of Taurus represent possession( money, jewelry, etc), stability, pleasure. Taurus is a fixed sign. So People with exalted moon have very stable emotions because Moon is in the earth sign. Their emotions and mind is balanced.

These people with moon in Taurus value Financial security. and crave for financial and emotional security in life. Their mental balance comes when they have enough money to lead their life comfortably.These people have good power to handle their emotions even in the times of crisis. Also these people love fine dinning, love to be surrounded by all luxuries.Usually, These people have very good relationship with their mother unless malefic aspecting or sitting with moon.People with Moon in Taurus have good convincing power

On the flip side, these people are resistance to change, can be stubborn.

These people value harmony and peace in life. People with moon in taurus have very good concentration of power. If Moon is aspecting by Jupiter( or Sitting with Jupiter) it makes powerful Gaj kesari Yoga. People born with this yoga get higher rank and lead very luxurious life like a king. These people are optimistic, happy go lucky kind of people. Moon with Mars makes Chandramangal Maha Lakshmi Yoga( wealth Yoga).

If Exalted moon is in trikon ( 1st, 5th, 9th), or Kendra ( 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) it becomes more powerful. People with this moon are highly intelligent people and get very high position in life. They lead a comfortable life.

People with exalted moon can excel in business related to water, like restaurants, perl, liquid medicine, Milk like dairy farming,etc. Some Famous people with exalted moon are American President Barack Obama, Anil Ambani,

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