Sun In Aries ( Exalted Sun)

Sun is exalted in the sign of Aries @ 10 degree After this degree Sun is in its mool trikon sign of Aries. Sun represents our soul, our authority, ego,father, boss and vitality. Sign of Aries represent individual action, especially initiatives of taking action, motivation, passion. Sun also represent our personality.

Whatever sign sun is placed, we can see some characteristic of that sign in their character. So people with Sun in Aries are very confident and action oriented people. These people have good leadership quality. These people can excel in the field of Politics, Sports, Army and executive position.

These people with Sun in Aries have natural Charisma and charm in their personalty that People are naturally drawn towards them. Also Sun is our soul, so when sun is exalted, these people have very pure soul, honest and fair minded. People with Exalted Sun are courageous too.These people have good relationship with father and authority figure especially if no malefic sitting or aspecting Sun. Now we have to see the placement of Mars( Because lord of Aries is Mars) and what Planet is aspecting Sun.If Mars is well placed, Good result will be sure, But if Mars is in enemy sign, it can reduce the good results. Sun also represent fame, especially in the 1st and 10th house people can get world wide fame. Then we need to consider what planet is aspecting the Sun. Another thing we need to check what planet sitting with Sun.

Where ever Sun is placed in your birth chart, you can shine in that area of life also you will have authority in that area of life. Suppose Sun is in aries in the 10th house of Career, You will have authority in career. Sun in Aries in the 3rd house shows authority in speech and efforts such as media people, Journalists. Their communication style can be Authoritative and motivational. In the 7th house, exalted Sun can make a person very ambitious and successful businessman. So it also depend on what house sun is placed and what planet sitting with sun and what Planet aspecting Sun.

Some Celebrity with Exalted Sun are Sachin Tendulkar, Micheal Jordan

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