The 2nd house in vedic astrology

The 2nd house also called as “Kutubh Bhav”and “dhan bhav” in astrology. It represents savings, family asserts, family values, food, taste, Primary basic education, Right eye and speech. It also signify your self esteem because it is 2nd from ascendent ( 1st house represent ego) gain from ego is self esteem. Is not it true that when we have good money or relationship, our self esteem build up. Second house is the 1st house of triangle (2, 6, 10). So any planet sitting in the 2nd house also support triangle house from it which is 6th house and 10th house of career. In other words, If you have good savings or good relationship, it can help you gain or invest in career( 10th house) or you can deal well with enemies,disease or obstacle( 6th house)

Wealth/ Savings

1. Benefic planet in the friendly or own sign gives enormous wealth in the 2nd house.
2. If any planet sitting in the 2nd house and aspected by Jupiter or Venus also gives good wealth and savings.
3. Planet sitting in the own sign or exalted gives enormous wealth especially in its dasha.
4. Natural benefic planet either Mercury, Jupiter, Venus in the friendly sign Sitting in the 2nd house gives good wealth
5. 2nd house lord placed in the ascendant, 2nd, 5th, 11th, house also makes dhan Yoga in kundli.
6. 2nd house lord placed in the 3rd, 10th house make one gain through their own efforts ( 3rd own efforts) and through career( 10th house career

Impt. to note

The 2nd house represent both Kutubh( family) and Dhan( Money). Because both wealth and relationship are great asserts of people. As our Guru Dharmesh Sir said people can have one at one time. Meaning – Jupiter is the karka of second house and Jupiter can grow one thing at one time either family or money. So when people have huge wealth, somewhere their relationship suffer. On the contrary, when they have great relationship, they suffer due to lack of money.

Remedies for Savings and relationship Problems

1. To improve your wealth and relationship keep your speech clean. Because malefic speech can ruin your wealth and relationship because 2nd house is your speech
2. Keep your teeth and mouth clean. Have regular dentist appoint for dirty and fallen teeth.

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