The 3rd House in Astrology

The 3rd house represent our courage, desire, younger sibling, neighbor, communication, media, short distance traveling, energy and speed. In Body parts, it represent our shoulder, hands, arms and inside body, it is respiratory system. the 3rd house is the 1st house of trikon (3rd, 7th, 11th house) called kama house( House of desire).

Karka( Significator) of 3rd house

The Karka of 3rd house is mars because for taking any efforts, we need courage. So mars is the courage to take actions and efforts. But mars if sitting in the 3rd house being karka of 3rd sometime spoil some aspects of 3rd house unless it is sitting in its own sign, exalted or aspected by benefic. There is rule written by Rishi Parashra” Karka bhav nashaye” meaning if the significator sitting in its own bhav, it spoil the house in some extent.

Good Courage and Efforts Indication

1. If the lord of 3rd house is in own sign, exalted or friendly sign. It is considered good and person have very good courage, ability to take action as he/she plan for their desire.
2 The karka of 3rd house is mars, So if mars is exalted or in own signs indicate good courage.
3. If any exelted planet siting in the 3rd house also indicate good courage.
4. Male planet such as Mars, Jupiter, Sun in the 3rd house indicates good courage and chances of having male sibling is higher.
5. Female planet Venus, mercury, moon also enhance the creative ability with hands and also chances of having younger female sibling is higher.
6. Rahu is expantion. So Rahu in the 3rd house makes one very courageous but it could be in bad sence too because Rahu is malefic planet.
7. If any male planet such as Sun, mars sitting in the 3rd and aspected by jupiter also makes own very courageous.
8. The 3rd lord sitting in the 3rd, 1st, 5th, 9th also shows good courage
Benefic ( Subh ) and Malefic (Asubh) Planet in the 3rd house
Benefic planet such as Jupiter, Mercury,, venus, moon sitting in the 3rd house show soft spoken person. Jupiter in the 3rd gives powerful Speech with preaching ability, However, malefic planets shows harsh speaker Rahu, ketu, mars.
Remedies for 3rd house
1. Tie Red thread in the hand for enhancing efforts and get desired result. Because mars colour is Red and 3rd house is our hands.
2. Wear Red bracelet in the hand for enhancing courage.
3. Chant Hanuman chalisa on every tuesday.

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